Kolkata – The City with a Soul

I’ve been shooting Street Photography since I started photography. I always believed in Street Photography as a powerful tool for growth which concealed many secrets in a simple walk. To me, Street photography is not only a genre but delicate visual poetry. It is a combination of shadows, movements, looks, and connections hinted by the geometry of framing.

I Love to hunt the moment of mystery, surprise, and humor in my street photography. These fragments of fictional stories are drawn from the real world through the facsimile or aesthetic composition that hints at a larger story. It’s something interesting in the ordinary places. Above all, I photograph to reproduce the feeling of the moment.

Kolkata, the City of Joy, is one of my favorite place to shoot. Here frame is being created and changed in every moment. If you go for a walk on the street with a camera, I promise, you just can’t stop clicking. Here, I wanted to show some different frames of Kolkata. I emphasize on light and shadow, in different tone, where I caught the frames in exaggerated way with a moment of mystery. Through these visual presentation I wanted to hint at a large story of life for these people captured in my frame.



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