Chhordima – Silent Feature of Women Movement

For the average Indian woman the slogan is—”Back to the kitchen”. Man lives his own life in the outside world, while woman pursues faithfully the monotonous round of her domestic duties and household chores.

In many Indian communities women are treated as second class citizens. They have been lagging behind in almost all walks of life for centuries. They have never been financially independent. Due to less social interaction they even don’t know about their rights and powers. They are always dependent on male members of the family for their basis needs, even for day-to-day requirements.

But, there are exceptional also.  Apart from all the difficulties, there are few, who are trying to come out from this stagnant situation and try to live according to their way.  Chhordima, my grandma, is one of them.




  1. The photo series is beautiful. I cannot think of better photographs that I can seen in the recent past. The moments captured, the light, the background– is wonderful.
    Great work! Keep going!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. What a sensitive eye and heart you have. We can see how wonderful your Grandmother is through your lens. How fortunate are the two of you to have each other. Your talent calls you to keep telling your story with your art.


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