Child Education

Education plays a very important role in building a strong foundation of our society.  India being first as an underdeveloped country and now as developing country, keep a strong focus on the education system.  Apart from the general education system, Government put a special emphasis on adult and child education system.  Still, the entire system couldn’t achieve the desired result.  The main threatening is the poverty.  The poverty line in India is still around 22%, and this leads to the major issue of child labour.  Hence, Government put a major focus on this issue and not only trying to build up schools in each and every block or village, also trying to generate interest in education through block development projects.  Already mid-day meal has started by the government for students, especially in the villages and economically backward areas, free of cost, so the school going children can get their desire food, without affecting the cost of their family.  Now people are sending their children to school for education.  As a result, the countries social foundation is building up with knowledge and good values.



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